Directions to Our Offices

TAXPRO  is located in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood, just a little north of downtown Seattle.  Our address is 1711 W Nickerson St, Suite A, Seattle, WA 98119. 


We are located at Fisherman's Terminal. Enter Fisherman's Terminal as if you are going to Chinook's Restaurant.  Instead of entering Chinook's parking area, turn right at the first corner (that's W Nickerson).  Proceed east to the east end of the Nordby Building; our offices are at Suite A.


Free parking  available.

Outside Seattle?


We do work for clients all over the US (and some overseas).  Contact us by email or telephone.  You can submit your information by fax or email (with images attached).  Also, we soon will be able to meet face to face with you using the internet.  Contact us for details.


Our offices are located at 1711 W Nickerson St, Suite A, Seattle, WA 98119.
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