Get Organized!

Contact us (using email or telephone) and we will send you a FREE Organizer for 2010.   Fill out the information requested (using Adobe Reader).  You can save the file to your desktop.  Print it and fax it to us, or email the file directly to us.   Remember to also send along pictures of the documents you used to complete the Organizer (W2's, 1099s, etc).   We will  contact you when we receive your information.





TAXPRO offers professional tax preparation and IRS representation services to individuals, all businesses, estates and trusts.


TAXPRO is affiliated with Ballard Mortgage Company, a licensed mortgage broker in Washington and Florida.  For more information on Ballard Mortgage Company, please visit




How much will it cost for TAXPRO to prepare my return?  Our charges depend on how long it takes to complete your return completely and accurately.   Simpler tax returns take less time;  more complex returns take more time.  Charges range from $150 to over $600.


What is a complete submission of information?  For new clients, we will need (1) a  copy of your previous years tax return, (2) copies of all W-2s, 1099s and any 1098s, plus all other information to accurately and completely prepare your tax return, and (3) your completed Engagement Letter with us.


Do you offer credit card payment for services?  Yes, we offer the convenience of credit card payment.  Payment is due when we complete preparation of your tax return and we submit a "FINAL DRAFT" to you (usually by email in a secured PDF file). 


When is pre payment required?  Prepayment is require for all out of Washington clients (unless you have an established payment record with us).  Contact us for the prepayment amount (which will depend on the scope of work and complexity of your tax returns).